Bamboo Fiber

100% environmentally-safe fabric. Silky and soft feel, better UV blocking ability than cotton fibers.

Basic properties
1. Natural environmentally-friendly fibers
2. 100% bamboo fibers possess a silky soft feel
3. Environmentally-safe product will not put any extra burden on the planet The cross section of these fibers is honeycombed with tiny pores of various sizes, giving bamboo fiber a unique coolness and air permeability
4. Have natural germ-resistance and deodorant properties .in addition
5. Bamboo fibers are 417 times better at blocking UV radiation than cotton fibers

Possible fabrics components
Blended with other natural fibers like cotton or interwoven with polyester.

Weft stretch, Warp stretch or 4-way stretch fabric with Weaving, twill or dobby structure, plain, canvas, oxford. Yarn dyed check ..etc..

Area of use
- Sports wear
- Casual wear
- Golf apparel
- Outerwear
- Fashion wear
- Children’s clothing
- Underwear
- Socks
- Bedding