To reduce the heavy loading of equipments in the successively physical challenge for trekking in the wild, thermal and lightwight clothing is the first priority. In addition, abrasion resistance, stretch, windproof, shower resistance, water repellence, and breathability also help to deal with the changeable climate in the wild.

Combining function and fashion, Everest introduces a series of fabrics for trekking,

1.Double weaved Ever light shell fabric is soft, light, flexible and non-cemented processing, with dual color and two sided weave effect. Because the fabric is light, soft, retains heat and has a high stripping strength, it is extremely suited to the demands of outdoor activities; whether for long trousers or thin jackets used for skateboarding, rollerblading etc.

Ever QSR has quick dry and soil release functions with good hand feel, comfortable touch, breathablity and easy to clean properties. Because of its hydrophilic property, the soil absorbed on the fabric surface can be removed easily after home laundry washing.

3.Ever Wind Proof uses a highly concentrated weave to prevent the down penetrating the material. In terms of texture it is light and soft to the touch with and refined exterior, making it the perfect choice for down clothing.

4.Ever Nylon Cottony creates an artificial natural cotton feel, ensuring the material is soft and comfortable on the skin. The surface of the fabric also has a texture that makes it eminently suited in the production of clothing for to such outdoor activities as golf etc. Ever Nylon Cottony Stretch has the high quality feel of nylon, the natural feel of cotton and is comfortably elastic when worn. Different products can be supplied depending on different demands for extendibility, with four way flexible fabrics that have two-sided flexibility/elasticity of warp and woof.

5.Ever Soft Shell's main characteristic is that it offers extreme protection and is also comfortable to wear. It reaches 20000/20000 in wind/waterproof, and is moisture-absorbing and abrasion resistant. Softness, light weight, and good stretch are also important properties.  

6.Ever thermo shell 2 Layer Bonding can effectively keep the wearer warm giving protection from wind and cold. Also, the soft fluffy feel keeps the wearer comfortable over long periods. Because the Fleece material is extra light (130g/yard) they wearer will not be weighed down by heavy clothes when they are active.

7.Ever Function 2 Layer (2.5 Layer) provides all round protection to the sportsman from cold, wind, rain and snow. It has 10000/10000 and 20000/2000 wind proof and waterproof/moisture absorbing grade. It is the best choice for the highest class of garments for skiers or outdoors lovers.

8.Ever Microporous Coating has a special PU coating, giving the textile water pressure resistance, moisture absorbing and water repelling properties. The PU pores and flexible structure make the textile soft and stretchable and comfortable. It is a high water pressure resistance and high moisture absorbency textile with both function and feel. The grade is from 3000/3000 to the highest of 10000/10000, offering 2 or 2.5 layer choice. The textile will not swell as a result of excess sweat absorption and undergo change in external shape. It is suitable for use in skiing or fishing attire.

9.Ever Ultra Light Weight is the lightest functional fabric currently available on the market. Other than being exceptionally light it also has a refined texture, weighing less than 40g per m2. The thin-fiber and dense structure makes coating unnecessary. It is wind resistant, drizzle proof, extremely water repellant, moisture permeable but also remains soft and comfortable to the touch. Being extremely light and thin, the fabric can be pressed into pocket sizes, convenient for carrying things and suitable for long journeys, hiking, mountain climbing and the manufacture of light coats, and jackets for outdoor activities.