Skiing & Snowboarding

When doing Skiing & Snowboarding, it is very usual to exercise in the climate of minus degree. High breathability, water/wind proof and warmth keeping are the key functions to protect body from cold wind and low temperature. Everest's extreme protection provides the highest standard of 20000/20000 in water proof and breathability, which is the best choice for Skiing & Snowboarding clothing.

Combining function and fashion, Everest introduces a series of fabrics for skiing & snowboarding,

1.Double weaved Ever light shell fabric is soft, light, flexible and non-cemented processing, with dual color and two sided weave effect. Because the fabric is light, soft, retains heat and has a high stripping strength, it is extremely suited to the demands of outdoor activities; whether for long trousers or thin jackets used for skateboarding, rollerblading etc.

2.Ever Wind Proof fabric uses a highly concentrated weave to prevent the down penetrating the material. In terms of texture it is light and soft to the touch with and refined exterior, making it the perfect choice for down clothing.

3.Ever Soft Shell's main characteristic is that it offers extreme protection and is also comfortable to wear. It reaches 20000/20000 in wind/waterproof, and is moisture-absorbing and abrasion resistant. Softness, light weight, and good stretch are also important properties. 

4.Ever thermo shell 2 Layer Bonding can effectively keep the wearer warm giving protection from wind and cold. Also, the soft fluffy feel keeps the wearer comfortable over long periods. Because the Fleece material is extra light (130g/yard) they wearer won’t be weighed down by heavy clothes when they are active.

5.Ever Function 2 Layer (2.5 Layer) provides all round protection to the sportsman from cold, wind, rain and snow. It has 10000/10000 and 20000/2000 wind proof and waterproof/moisture absorbing grade. It is the best choice for the highest class of garments for skiers or outdoors lovers. Strengthening in the area of wind and water proofing, Ever Function x Fashion has taken the level to as high as 10000/10000.