About Everest

Founded in 1988, Everest Textile is currently the only vertically-integrated textile company in Taiwan specializing in yarn spinning, twisting, weaving, dyeing, finishing, printing, and coating/laminating special after treatment and process. We manufacture filament and staple textiles combining high technology with fashion concept and have long specialized in the development of innovative products with high values-added that help create value for our customers.

Everest develops various products including multi-functional membranes, chips&yarn, various fabrics for whole markets (sports&outdoor, city&Casual), multi-functional synthetic leather, high performance industrial fabric, home textile, and green fabrics complying with Everest Sustainability Model such as PLA, Organic Cotton, and Recycled Polyester etc. Our hard work has paid off in the form of accolades from our brand customers. We have successfully become a major textile supplier to the world's greatest outdoors, sports and leisure wear brands including Nike, Adidas, Puma, Patagonia, Spyder, The North Face, and Columbia.

Currently Everest has three production plants in Taiwan, Shanghai and Bangkok, which totally employ more than 3,000 people, and has the capacity to produce over 120 million yards of fabric each year. Marketing offices in Shanghai, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Tokyo, and Osaka serve global markets, while five local offices in inland China established in 2006 allow us to serve the surging Chinese market and reach the goal of "global deployment with localized management". In order to enhance its energy of innovation, Everest is hiring French consultant to upgrade design ability. Everest Technology Research Center is also constantly performing innovative R&D and developing key technologies, raw materials, and various new products (functional masterbatch, textured yarn, membrane, and textiles), so we can quickly manufacture products in mass and bring them to market, for quick sales revenue and prompt response to consumer demand. This is both Everest business model and the driver of profitability.

For the future vision, Everest has integrated the management team by "knowledge building" and recognized the top priority as "INNOVATION" to lead the market challenge. The company has sailed for its blue ocean by creating the "Value Innovation" and expanded the product application to environmentally friendly fabrics and industrial textile. The high-tech oriented company will bring to all stake holders more value and growth in the future.