Made in USA

Everest Textile USA LLC - Best U.S. Fabric Manufacturer of Textile Companies
Everest USA is one of the best textile/fabric manufacturer in the United States. Ranking as the no.1 high-quality fabric supplier in Taiwan textile industry, Everest Textile USA service provides American premium and local fabric services and custom solutions of all kinds.

  • Established: 2017
  • Employees:130
  • Located in Forest City. 1 hour drive from Charlotte.
  • Land area: 52.59 Acres. Building area: 383,919 Sqft.
  • Capacity: Fabric 2.5 million yard/month
  • Core Product : Fabrics (Woven, Knit)

Our Advantage:

  • Textile 100% Made in USA
  • Speed to the market
  • Localization Partnership
  • Tariff Reducion

Core Products & Fabric:

  1. Nylon stretch
  2. Polyester stretch
  3. Soft Clima
  4. Mechanical stretch
  5. Double weave

Applications of Fabric:

Military & Tactical Fabric - US Military Uniform Fabric Manufacturer & SupplierEverest USA
Everest USA offers military fabrics, military solutions for traditional uniforms, technical outerwear and battle dress uniforms for the military. Check out our military fabric selection for Khakis, army, air force, marine, navy fabrics and more.

Medical Fabric – Medical isolation coverall, gown, Protective clothing, Fabric maskEverest USA
Everest USA provide premium medical fabric for doctors and nurses. Surgical fabrics are anti-bacterial, washable, bio disposable and biostable. Suitable for medical isolation coverall, gown, protective clothing, fabric mask.

Workwear Fabric – Fabric Manufacturer & SupplierEverest USA
Everest USA supplies high quality Workwear fabrics.

Hunting Fabric– Fishing & Camping & Tactical Fabric Manufacturer & SupplierEverest USA
Everest USA offers the best hunting , tactical, and outdoor fabrics such as fishing, camping and more. Our hunting fabric keep hunters & fishers flexible and light while stay great performance to the end.