Brand Story

Located in Nepal, Mt. Everest, the world's highest mountain, has long been a place of pilgrimage for explorers. At the summit, the average air temperature is -36°C, and the amount of oxygen is only 3% of that at sea level. Obviously it is a difficult feat to successfully climb this great mountain. The fierce determination of the mountaineers who conquer Mt. Everest is also a big part of Everest's corporate spirit. We are always pushing forward and staying in the lead as it promotes sustainability and focuses on the development of innovative technology.

In 2005, Everest created our own brand name – EVERTEK, representing Everest’s innovative technologies and products, to implement the brand marketing and raise the position of Taiwan textile industry in the world. Further, we may have the best way to communicate with brand customers and end users by EVERTEK.

Everest initialed the Everest's Sustainability Model in 2007. To promote the concept of Eco-protection internally and externally, we launched the vision identification of sustainability. Meanwhile we execute a series of strategy actions named “Saving Energy, Protecting our environment and the Earth” to make it as our vision of being a paragon of eco enterprises.