Mission, Vision & Value

Everest's mission (a grand goal of change) is "to contribute to the society and change the world." Everest's value proposition is "Creating Shared Value (CSV) with Stakeholders" to build a sustainable and conscious enterprise that is a "six wins for all" for employees, customers, suppliers, shareholders, the society and the environment. Our corporate core values are based on goodness and altruism, based on the four strengths of innovation, sustainability, wisdom and refinement, and face the future with the spirit of the Everest People who surpass the limits and challenge themselves, contribute to the world, and achieve the triple economic and environmental and the social surpluses of the society. Taking this as a rock, Everest is committed to becoming an ecological leader and a sustainable conscious enterprise. Since 2007, it has implemented the ESM sustainable business model, with a sustainable green footprint, opening up a new blue ocean of global textiles, and more embracing the spirits of "integrity", "altruism" and "gratefulness", combined with the industry, government, academic, and research resources of the host country, establish a global 19 ecosystem, and look forward to each other's struggle to create a symbiotic and prosperous textile industry