Founded in 1988, Everest Textile has always cherished the vision of building a high-tech textile enterprise. We keep enhancing our R&D capability to lead the trend by innovation. Everest offeres vertically integrated manufacturing and ecological solution. We expect to be a learder of eco-enterprise.   

Established in February. Issued stocks and became a public company in May, 14th.

Indirectly invested Everest H.K. LTD. company in order to expand the sales opportunity and global trading.

Officially listed in the Taiwan Stock Exchange market.

Set up Everest plant in Shanghai combing the advantage of manpower of China and the R&D ability of Taiwan to provide competitive products.

  Everest is the first textile company to adopt ERP system in Taiwan.

Successfully became a major textile vendor to high-functionality sports brands (Nike, Adidas, Puma etc.).

Establishment of a plant in Bangkok, Thailand, completing Everest's three-way deployment in Taiwan, China, and Thailand.

Deployment of color dynamic virtual videoconferencing system, textile design virtual communication system, product data management (PDM) system, cooperative design system, and e-learning system.

Establishment of Everest Technology Research Center (ETRC), increasing depth and breadth of innovative R&D.

Establishment of global operation headquarters to efficiently integrate resources and quickly penetrate the global market.

  Launched our own brand -- Evertek brand to enhance Everest's quality and value.

Led to establish the Southern Taiwan Textile Research Alliance (STTRA), which is dedicated to promoting the cooperation development of innovative technology.

  Expended our business to professional textile for industrial and medical use.

Shanghai plant officially became a company, and built up five sales and marketing offices respectively in Shanghai, Beijing,  Keqiao, and Guangzhou in China.

  Built up two sales and marketing offices in Tokyo, and Osaka, Japan.
Issued the "Everest Sustainability Model" (ESM) to implement corporate duty for Earth saving.

Applied for the screening of industry standard -- to meet the highest environmental, health and safety requirements in the manufacturing sites

  Started to participate in Premiere Vision the leading textile exhibition.
Gained the certification and become its offical sustem partner.
  Everest Eco Industrial Park(EEIP) is completion.
  Completed the development of Recycle Nylon.

 The first company in Asia to receive certification for coating lamination .
   Joined The Conservation Alliance.

On the 15th of December, Everest Textile was assessed conforming to SA8000 Social Accountability Certification and became

the first textile company in Taiwan with that certification to achieves Everest's commitments to sustainable success.

There are a total of 54 patents by 2019, including 28 domestic invention patents, 21 domestic utility model patents,

1 domestic design patent, and 4 foreign patents (USA, Germany, Japan). The patent scope covers textile machinery

, spinning technology, functional raw materials, waterproof and moisture-permeable film technology,

high-performancefabrics, smart electric fabrics, and ecological wastewater treatment.