In order to ensure the quality of Everest's products, we have been focusing on upgrading ourselves in terms of the process of manufacture, environmental protection, and innovative research. After years of hard working, we have accredited by ISO certifications, awards and patents to approve Everest as an innovative and outstanding enterprise.

Passed ISO-9002 certification to ensure the best quality of Everest's products.

Passed ISO-9001 certification. Standardized Quality management enhances efficiency and capability of the organization.

Passed Oeko-Tex Standard 100 environmental certification.

Passed ISO-14001 certification to ensure the production process tally with international standard of environmental protection.

Pass OHSAS-18001 certification to ensure the security and rights of employees.
Passed ISO-EC17025 to be one of members of TAF (Taiwan Accreditation Foundation).

Passed ISO-13485 Certificated (Medical appliances).

MOEA, BOFT, export/import performance ranked No. 202, won the second-rank award. Also because of the excellent environmental protection effort we won the Executive Department Environmental Division "Water Pollution Prevention" demonstration model company.

Won the excellent award of the promotion subject of environmental management system model by the Industrial Development Bureau of Ministry of Economic Affairs.

Won the best of strategy devising by the Industrial Development Bureau of Ministry of Economic Affairs.

Actively developing key upstream raw materials, taking charge of innovative high-tech core technologies; awarded the 14th MOEA Industrial Technology Development Award, Outstanding Innovative Company Award and Superior Industry Technology Development Project– Outstanding R&D Results Award.

Obtained Nano Mark granted by the Industrial Development Bureau of Ministry of Economic Affairs.
Won the honor of "The excellent company with continuing improvement" Selected by the Industrial Development Bureau of Ministry of Economic Affairs regarding management system of environmental security and sanitation.
Became the business partner of the industry eco standard -- .

The first company in Asia to receive certification for coating and lamination.

Roller Machine of False Twisting Machine
  Velvet Fabric Having Three-Dimensional Nap
Apparatus and Method for Elastically Composite Yarn by False Twisting Machine
False Twisting Machine Having Air False Twisting
Mold of Drawn Work for Form Sea-Island Fibre
  Air Nozzle for producing air-jet yarn
  Fiber Spinning Board of Spinning Machine
Method for Combining Water Repellent Agent and Textile
  Method for Preparing Silver-Containing Polyesters
  Spinning Machine for Fabricating Conjugated Yarn
Water Repellent Composition for Reversible Manufacture Textile
  Method for Produce Polyurethane membrane (PCM)
  Method for Produce Polyurethane Membrane Having Bamboo Carbon
  Textile Having Nap and Polyurethane Membrane
  Textile Having Foam and Polyurethane Membrane
Method for Producing benzenedicardicarboxyliz acid zic salt
Method for Preparing Silver-Containing Polyesters