Social Responsability

As a result of Everest Textile's concerns with respect to corporate responsibility, it aggressively contributes to environmental protection and public welfare activities through its short-, mid-, and long-term goals. These ongoing projects include (1) 7R for Green Life, (2) The leaf-walker conservation plan, (3) Contribution to the community, and (4) Employee Cares Program. As describe below, these programs have achieved admirable results.

Our efforts on environmental protection is not limited on ourselves, employees, suppliers/vendors and the community, we'd like to further promote the determination of environmental protection of Taiwan textile industry. In 2008, Everest invited the Dutch director of documentary "Waste Equals Food" (script based on the book "Cradle to Cradle") Mr. Rob van Hattum to visit our ECO-Industrial Factory in Tainan. Both had a very good communication and interflow.