Eco-friendly Video

Everest Sustainability Model

Everest Textile has launched the Everest Sustainability Model (ESM) project more than one year. To share the experiences and little achievements of ESM, we produce a video on our ECO actions that includes the green building, low carbon footprints and Everest’s green products etc. 

As the video takes about 27mins, we cut it into four parts as below. We welcome any comments or suggestions after your watching.

Part1: Impact is the Start of Change
The phenomenon of global warming is becoming serious; protecting resource on the Earth has become one of the important issues of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Everest, praised as the eco-friendly forerunner in Taiwan textile industry by Common Wealth Magazine, actively participates in the global green trend.

Part2: A New Awareness of Ecological Value

Everest has embarked on a series of strategic actions on Energy Saving, Environmental Protection and Love for the Earth and has developed a new approach for sustainable development:the Everest Sustainability Model (ESM).

Part3: Zero Pollution Emission

Everest not only reduces the consumption of resources, but also uses ecological thoughts and methods to reduce pollution and takes care of employees and its social responsibility.

Part4: To build an Eco-Industrial Paradise
As mentioned in the book “Cradle to Cradle - Respect Diversity”, we plan to get more species to our Everest Eco-industrial Park.