Everest Eco-Industrial Park _Green Building

Everest has begun embracing the environmental initiatives, “Everest Sustainability Model (ESM)”, a holistic approach through a series of strategic action on energy saving environmental protection and love for the Earth since April 2007. At the same time, Everest adopts ecological engineering of “Green Building” to establish Everest Eco-Industrial Park (EEIP), keep the artificial wetlands; and a lush and green landscape instead of just hardscape in factory sites; the natural environment attracts birds and butterfly to becoming a great diversity area. Not only ecological conservation but also global warming reduction can fulfill corporate social responsibility. Using "Eco-Design" concepts and learning from the nature, Everest would like to share our actual experiences to attain "Waste equals Food".

1.Re-modeling Existing Building
Re-modeling office and factory by the Green Building concept, we utilize sunshade and plant lots of arbor for the building. Without air-conditioning, the internal working spaces are still very comfortable by natural ventilation.

2.Natural Ventilation
Using buoyancy ventilation and stack effect principle, we keep worm for the equipments and do the waste heat recovery. Finally, we decrease the air temperature 5℃ in our dyeing factory and get rid of the wet and hot environment.

3.Self-made Water-curtain Cooling System
Through the principle of Negative pressure ventilation, it imports outdoor air through the self-made water-curtain that made by wasted yarn instead of air-conditioning in three production sites for cooling purpose. Not only saving electricity but also can reduce CO2 emission.

4.Landscaping and Biodiversity
Growing diversity of native plant species and local fruiters, frutexs, flowers and grass to attract insects, birds and butterfly. Re-build impermeable square to the permeable pavement and breathing environment.

Moreover, through heat of vaporization of leaf water film principles, we utilize sunshade and plant lots of arbor and climbing vine to take shape a cooling natural green-curtain. To working together on the environmental quality improvement.
Built up green curtains, lattice eaves and micro-fog system etc. on the outside of the office building to reduce inside air temperature effectively and bring comfortable and beautiful working areas.

The landscape courtyard, used to be laying cement, has become a wonderful leisure space for Everest’s employees.