Everest Sustainability

Following the global warming phenomenon, to protect the planet's resources has become the major subject of corporate social responsibility. Thus, Everest impliments the Everest SustainAbility Model (ESM) that is based on 7R Discipline (Rethink, Redesign, Reduce, Reuse, Repair, Recycke, Recovery) and emphasizes balanced developments among economy, society and environment. Everest has developed a strategic action entitled "Energy saving, Care for the Environment and our Earth". In order to meet the highest environmental, health and safety requirements, Everest had received the most recognized standard - in April, 2008 and became one of its system partners to transfer its experience and to ensure the healthy and untoxic production from every aspect in the production process.

   In the future, Everest will insist on green innovation to increase resource product ability (Doing more with less), and continually accumulate our green competitiveness. "Zero Emission" in our three manufactories is the final goal of Everest, our vision is to be a paragon of an ECO-enterprise.

   If you would like to obtain the most updated "Everest SustainAbility Reportl", please
click here to  download it. Or if you have any issue or suggestion regarding eco protection, please send your advice to esm@everest.com.tw, thank you.