Nano Silver

Product : Functional Master batch and technical yarn

1. Contains special non-toxic silver containing polymers, effectively blocking the growth of harmful bacterium.
2. After dyeing and finishing, the fabric still has excellent anti-bacteria properties
3. Can be dyed various colors, very good color fastness and non-dissolving dye feature.
 The AATCC100 test shows that after being washed 100 times laundry it retained 99% of anti-bacteria effectiveness
 Passes the "OECD Guideline 401" oral toxicity test,
 Passes the ISO 10993-5 for cell toxicity,
 Passes the ISO10993-10 for skin irritation
 Passes the ISO10993-10 for skin sensitivity.

Everest has pass "nanoMark" reorganization, issued by the Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) in Taiwan by the end of 2007 and successfully worked out the great result to bring innovative nano fabrics with healthy and multi-functional features, which also meet end users' request today, to proof its leading position in nano textiles developing and producing.