Natural Carbon

Product : Master batch, technical yarn and multi-functional membrane
Catogory :
Bamboo Carbon and Coco carbon (black/white)

Production Process:
Originally made by baking dried bamboo/coconut under 750 degree C temperatures until it becomes bamboo/coconut carbon then ground it into carbon particles which are the added to polyester chips or fiber, after special yarn processing and textile design becoming an excellent comfortable and healthy material.

1. The bamboo/coconut carbon particles can also be spread over a thin membrane to increase
    its water pressure and moisture permeability (20000/20000), giving health and comfort.
2. Emitting UV light and negative ions it effectively fights odor, preserves heat and promotes
    blood circulation.
3. White bamboo/coconut carbon yarns with rich color changes to allow more flexibility in terms
     of fabric application and bring more variety in garment use.