Everest Technology Research Center

Everest Technology Research Center is a national level R&D center recognized by Ministry of Economic Affair (MOEA), Taiwan, R.O.C. Since its establishment in 2003 it has been focused on the developed of functional fiber, functional post processing technology and nano technology grade textile R&D, with fast market entry, fast mass production, fast cashablity and fast response to customer requirements powering the enterprise's operating model and its upgrading. 

Innovative R&D has always been the profit engine for Everest and Everest has recognized as a benchmark for this in the industry. In September 2006 we won the "Outstanding Innovative Company" of Industrial Technology Advancement Award granted by MOEA, , in the same month, won the award of "Outstanding R&D Results" again. In order to protect its patents, Everest Technology Research Center has established a protection network: in 2003 it acquired five patents, in 2004 acquired four, in 2005 acquired three, and in 2006, applied six patents domestically and more applications in the US, Germany and Japan. Up to the present, 21patents have been registered in Taiwan and overseas. 
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To allow innovative products that cannot be easily copied to be developed Everest also utilizes the resources of Southern Taiwan Textile Research Alliance (STTRA), using "group competitiveness" to replace solo struggle. The center strategically co-works with KHN, Nanpao Resins, Haojey Co. Family Shoes Co., Medlight Co. and Dystar to reveal vertical or horizontal integration, using the existing different industry and same industry technology resources to expand from coating/Laminating core technology into functional PU membrane, high class synthetic leather and PU R&D and manufacturing, in combination with knitting technology development. This has allowed Everest to continue to lead the Outdoor garment fabric market and has entered into the industrial and medical fabric to increase revenue from new luxury products.