Connecting&Developing Department

Everest's fabric design innovation capability has always been something of which we are proud! Whether in fabric structure, pattern changes or diversity, or forward looking features like protective functions, Everest's Connecting & Developing Department can, with the fastest development speed, combine with the innovation R&D of Everest Technology Reserach Center to achieve fast market entry, fast mass production, fast cashability and meet the requirements of brand customers.

Apart from our own R&D and design units, Everest also specially commissions renowned French consulting company Carlin and Promostyl to provide the most up to date "IN" world fashion news, not only allowing Everest to continually upgrade our own capability, also allowing us to add the most fashionable elements from the  fashion stage  into the design of our fabrics or garments and engage in exchange with brand customers.

In addition to Everest's self-developed products, in terms of joint development, Everest also develops good interactive relations with brand customers and also has core customers as strategic partners, supporting the quarterly sales plans of the various customers and assisting with the development of high added value products that meet market and customer requirements. The exclusive 
EverTek "technology marketing toolbag" allows the customer to personally experience the uniqueness of Everest products and, moreover, with an "upstream marketing" method we actively cooperate with the customers in marketing, manufacturing and R&D, helping customers acquire orders and sharing the benefits.

To allow Taiwan's R&D experience to be shared by the Taiwan, Shanghai and Thailand plants, Everest continually deepens its
global logistic capability, using CAD, PDM, ERP systems to integrate the resources of the three plans, allowing the Shanghai and Thailand plants to quickly replicate the success DNA of the Taiwan plant. The PDM (Product Data Management) system is designed to thoroughly resolve the problem of product information duplication or difficulty in acquiring. It can, according to user needs, establish required product information additional attribute columns and connect related information, reducing information search time and providing correct design versions in a timely way, quickly increasing design speed.