As new knitting materials are developed and technology/equipment are improved, Everest's knitting products currently do not only meet the basic requirements of being soft and comfortable, by using advanced equipment, different knitting and jacquard effects, including circular and flat, flat knitting and warp-knitting are achieved and, through using raw materials developed by ETRC, special technical yarns with different characteristics have been introduced. These include green yarn, nano silver yarn, bamboo carbon fiber, cool yarn, stretch yarn which give knitted garments value that is multiplied and have moisture absorbing and quick drying, anti-bacteria and anti-odor, warm-in-winter and cool-in-summer functions, allowing us to quickly and completely satisfy customer requirements and introduce unique new fabrics into the market, giving the customer high added value products and making them profit.

Knitting Products:

Recycled Polyester Yarn

Following the Sustainability principles of  "Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Rethink, Redesign, Recover, Repair ", Everest has introduced green recycled polyester yarn. Used plastic bottles are crushed and re-polymerized to turn them into pellets, after that pellets are spun into recycled polyester yarn. Although the raw material is polyester bottles, extendibility, dyeability and quality are the same as polyester fiber. This can be said to be a green and economical fabric. The finished product quality and appearance are as good as those achieved using new materials.The special feature of this green range of product, Ever Recycled Polyester, is that it has computerized jacquard and have 3D patterns or geometric lines and have moisture absorbing and fast-drying functions.

‧Ever Recycle
‧Fleece series
‧Computer Jacquard series
‧Recycled Strip

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Nano Silver Yarn

Unlike the chemical treating process that is used to make fabric anti-bacterial, Everest's Nano Silver Yarn contains special non toxic high polymer material, effectively preventing the growth of bacteria that is hazardous to human health. Fabric that uses this Nano Silver Yarn, after dyeing and finishing, retains an excellent anti-bacterial effect and can be dyed various colors, having high dye fastness.Through AATCC100 (note 1) testing, after 100 times home laundry the anti-bacteria effect is over 99%. In addition, the non-solvent pharmaceuticals feature completely meets OECD GUIDELINE 401 for oral toxicity, ISO 10993-5 for cell toxicity, ISO10993-10 for skin irritability, ISO10993-10 for skin sensitivity standard requirements, giving consumers full protection when using the items made from it. (Related information)

Note 1: Testing standard set by the American Association of Textile Chemists and Colorists–" Textile anti-bacteria function quantitative assessment " .

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Bamboo Carbon Yarn

This uses high polymer nano technology to bake short life cycle (four years) bamboo under 750℃ temperatures until it turns into carbonization, then it is ground into bamboo carbon particles. Bamboo carbon fabrics made by using Evertek functional technology is both healthy and comfortable to wear. Even under infra red and negative ions, it is anti-odor, retains warmth and promotes.

Even during exercise the wearer will feel dry and comfortable. Also, the color of bamboo/coconut carbon yarn is usually black or gray and dyeability is thus affected. To rectify this, Everest has introduced a white bamboo/coconut carbon yarn with rich color changes to allow more flexibility in terms of fabric application.

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Cool Yarn

Garments made from Cool Yarn have been shown to reduce body temperature by 1-2 ℃, making the wearer feel cooler and comfortable. Not only this, Cool Yarn is also green. If office air-con temperatures are raised by 1 ℃ then 3-5% of energy costs can be saved. Cool Yarn absorbs moisture and shifts sweat, is UV-cut and has a micro massage function. In terms of washing, after being washed 50 times, 80% of function is retained. It is ideal for use in making summer shirts, outdoor and sports garments and tight-fit garments.

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Comfortable Stretch Yarn

To meet market demand for high stretch yarn--3GT etc, Everest used its unique yarn processing technology, using design spinning spinneret and false twist limit processing, to form moisture absorbing and quick drying stretch fiber with stretch exceeding that of Spandex and T400. Fabric made using Everest's Mechanical Stretch Yarn have excellent stretch recoverability and allows garments to retain their shape, is soft and drapes very well, it can also be deep dyed and has good dye fastness. When used in combination with other fiber it is even more able to display its "Soft,Silky and Stretch" features.

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