Work Wear

Using the highest level of coating and lamination process, Everest develops several industrial protective fabrics as Ever QSR, Ever Visible, Ever FR&R, and Ever EMI shilding to provide the ultimate protection in the environment full of potential dangers.

Work Wear Products:

Ever QSR
Using special process, Ever QSR provides the best quick dry, moisture absorbing, and soil release functions. The fabric has comfortable touch, high breathability, and easy to clean.

.The fabric treated with special chemicals contains hydrophilic and soil release properties.
.The soil will release easily during washing process because of the hydrophilic chain extended.

1.The abbreviation QSR stands for "Quick dry and soil release"
2.Because of its hydrophilic property, the soil adsorbed on the fabric surface can be removed easily after home laundry washing.
3.It has good hand feel, also comfortable, breathable and easy to clean. (More Information)

Sports/Casual/City wear, and work wear 
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EVER Visible

People who active in dark places or at night are often involved in collisions that cause injury or death due to difficulty in judging distance or position clearly resulting from reduced visual capability in poor light. Ever Visible products use patented 3M reflection materials on which reflective glass prints are closely attached, providing a 180-degree wide angle and 250 meters distance visibility, making the wearer a luminous body and make him/her more visible and reduce the accident risk. This textile has passed EN471 test, which is mainly applied to personal work and traffic protective clothing. Also, by finishing process the product can be given water-resistant and moisture absorbency functions. It long-term water wash and drier durable and easy to clean and maintain.

‧ The fluorescent dyes used for high-visibility clothes worn on daylight, it turning short wave radiation into long and visible wave radiation.
‧High visibility at night must be continued with reflective glass beads, that can reflect incident light efficiently.

- Harnesses and waistband trouser
- Sleeveless jacket, tabard, bib and brace trouser
- One piece overall, jacket with sleeves
- Work wear for rail workers/rescue workers/street cleaners and outer wear for policaman
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Ever EMI Shielding

World Health Organization and many government organizations have verified that electromagnetic waves harm human health. Reported symptoms include headaches, anxiety, suicide and depression, nausea, fatigue, cataracts, poor pregnancy outcome and loss of libido etc.Evertek develops the nanometal (such as Al, Ag, Cu, Ti, Au, Ni etc.) coating of textiles with EMI shielding by sputtering to protect human health.

1.Excellent Shielding effectiveness:Multi nanofilms provide 30dB ~ 60dB shielding across a frequency range of 0.3~3000MHz (fig.2.) (General products usually only provide 10dB ~ 30dB shielding)
2.Percentage of Electromagnetic Shielding (%):99.9%~99.9999%
3.Surface Resistance approx. 0.5 Ohms
4.Keep EMI Shielding effectiveness after 5 circles of washes in general use (FTTS-FA-003).

- EMI protective clothing such as overalls, maternity, dresses, work uniforms, casual wear, aprons, caps etc
- Shielding covers of 3C electronic products such as cordless phone, mobile and notebook covers
- Other new applications

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Ever FR&R(Flame Retarding Textile)

It is a natural material derived from cotton with flame retardant and water repellent finish without halogen, antimony or another toxic compounds. It offers protection from heat, flame and water in a variety of applications, and also gets excellent durability with more than 50 times home laundry washing at 60℃. Ever FR&R is a safe material with flame retardant performance comprise breathable, soft touch which especially applicable in work wear.

‧The flame retardant compounds with special structure can change the reaction mechanism without carbon dioxide gas and little heat release.
‧Extending reaction from free radical accelerated by heat was then stopped and no fire appeared.
‧Crosslink between compound and fiber can achieve excellent durability in laundry washes.

- Work wear for miners, engine room operators and chemical workers
- Work wear for rescue workers
- Noraml protective wear at places where have fires damage concerns
- Clothes and harnesses for military application

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