Everest Textile making P3 protective clothing

Everest Textile making P3 protective clothing


Everest Textile Co., Ltd. fully invested in the development of high-standard P3 protective clothing, and jointly contributed to Taiwan's epidemic prevention work. It will become one of the few Taiwanese manufacturers with P3 protective clothing one-stop energy.


In addition, Everest's own brand "Everest Smile" ES high-tech cloth masks have n-PTEF membranes inside. N-PTEF can be made into artificial blood vessels. If it is made into a membrane hole, it is less than 70 nanometers, which can effectively filter pollen, dust mites, Dust, bacteria, PM2.5, smoke, virus, can be cleaned, can be reused more than 10 times, each is purely handmade. At this moment, Taiwan, Haiti, Ethiopia plants have received a large number of orders.


After the high-tech masks have been obtained, Everest developed fabrics that can meet the P3 protective clothing grade. This high-performance medical protective clothing integrates Everest's core technology, from super water-repellent fabrics, waterproof and breathable membranes, to making a complete isolation protective clothing.


The R & D and manufacturing energy are all in Taiwan. After successful research and development, it will officially apply for all certification.


Roger Yeh, general manager of Everest textile, said that the new coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic has spread worldwide.


Their company quickly created highly protective masks to protect consumers, and the global competition for "protective clothing", which is related to the safety of medical frontline personnel, is used for medical purposes.


The demand for protective clothing is rising, Everest is developing medical fabrics based on the technology of functional fabrics. In the future, besides sports fabric technology, Everest will also have the strength to manufacture medical-grade fabrics and enter a new market. Everest invests 4% of its revenue every year to accumulate R & D energy, and There are dozens of local master doctors to do developing and research from Tainan, Taiwan. The manufacturing quality has long been trusted by brands such as Nike, Adidas, Patagonia, the North Face, Columbia, and Spyder.

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