About Everest

Brand Story

The core values of the enterprise start from kindness and altruism, based on the four forces of Creativity, Sustainability, Wisdom and Refinement, and with the "Everester spirit" of surpassing the limit, challenging oneself, and achieving the mission must meet the future, make contributions to the world, achieve Triple surplus of economy, environment and society.

Our Brand

  • Evertek

  • The Ultimate Innovator

    The Ultimate Innovator represents that Everest is the ultimate innovator and a forward-looking benchmark enterprise that can continuously transform and upgrade. With the brand spirit of "extreme service", Everest conveys the brand personality of "courage to challenge, have more than one answer, be optimistic and enterprising, learn and grow" to all stakeholders. Green stands for everlasting business, and red stands for enthusiasm and forging ahead, which symbolizes that Everest is a leading brand that pursues excellence and surpasses its peak.

  • Everest

  • Everest

    With the meaning of Mt. Everest, the world's highest peak, with the peak and outstanding enterprise spirit, it symbolizes Everest's corporate management attitude of forging ahead bravely and insisting on striving to be the first, constantly challenging the limit with "disruptive innovation", and continuously upgrading and transforming. Everesters’ core value is to go beyond the limit, challenge oneself, and expect the company to continue to grow. Blue and green represent environmental protection colors in Europe, America and Asia, symbolizing Everest's insistence on becoming a benchmark for ecological enterprises

  • EverSmile

  • EverSmile

    EverSmile is a social for-profit business specially established for social sustainability in Everest’s sustainable development strategy. It gives back 1% of the turnover to Taiwan's disadvantaged and environmental groups every month, creating a happy economy in Taiwan. EverSmile is a Garment brand created by Everest’s high-tech environmental protection fabrics that supply world-renowned sports, outdoor leisure and popular fashion brands, and is positioned as a "non-toxic, environmentally friendly, low-carbon functional Garment expert"