Time To Market

Garment manufacturing

Everest textile is the largest and most international vertically integrated textile factory in Taiwan, offering customers the best solutions and competitive prices. They specialize in functional fabrics and eco-innovative textiles, with garment factories located in Asia and Africa. They can quickly sample and produce garments, benefiting from tariff preferences, to promptly meet various customer needs.

Customized Services

Providing excellent solutions for customers, with the integration of Everest’s innovative and environmentally-friendly functional fabrics. We optimize the production supply chain, creating a positive image and value for brand owners, and delivering comfortable and safe products to consumers.


Every piece of clothing is 100% Made in Taiwan (MIT), from the yarn to the fabric. Everest textile prioritizes consumer safety and adheres to environmentally-friendly processes, fully certified with bluesignⓇ. We combine functionality and sustainability, ensuring you stay fashionable and healthy.

Protective Clothing and Workwear

Integrating Everest's core technology, we produce everything from superhydrophobic fabrics and waterproof breathable membranes to fully assembled isolation protective suits. The research and manufacturing of level 3P medical protective clothing are all done in Taiwan, meeting the stringent requirements of high-end professional clients.

Garment Factory

Everest Apparel in Ethiopia

Duty free for EU, Canada, Japan

  • Established: 2017
  • Employee: 2,365 (2023 Dec)
  • Factory: 3 Buildings total 33,000 sqm
  • Capacity: 800,000 pcs/month
  • Location: Hawassa industrial park, 20 mins from airport
  • Core product: woven sportwear, uniform, woven seam seal jackets
  • Business Partners

Everest Apparel in Taiwan Tainan

  • Established: 2016
  • Employees: 114 (2023 Dec)
  • Capacity: 15,000 pcs/month (1 lines)
  • Location: No.256, Minghe Vil., Shanshang Dist., Tainan City, 74342, Taiwan
  • Core Product: knits sportswear, down outerwear, shirt, outerwear, pants

Professional Process

Automation System

One person operates multiple machines, automated auxiliary devices replace manual labor, intelligent manufacturing with big data management, significantly improving production processes and efficiency.

U-shaped Single-piece Flow Production Line

Intelligent factory with data digitization for easy visual management, enabling timely identification of issues (such as employee, quality, equipment) in the production process, reducing rework inventory.

INA Intelligent Hanging Production Line

The system collects data clearly and accurately, effectively reducing costs and enhancing production efficiency. It supports multi-order, small-batch, diversified production, resulting in shorter and more flexible delivery times.




Protecting Our Planet

Reducing resource consumption, preventing waste, and promoting environmental sustainability through innovative design to achieve fashion sustainability.

Sports Wear

Focused on Performance Enhancement


Seamless Wear

Smooth and Close-Fitting

The fusion of craftsmanship and science, offering comfort, lightweight, and visually appealing aesthetics.

Yoga wear


Like a second skin for a natural bare sensation, allowing unrestricted freedom and absolute comfort during activities like yoga. Ideal for low-intensity workouts or daily activities.

Urban Casual

Mastering Trendy Styles

Down outerwear / Cotton quilting outerwear Surface water-repellent and wind-resistant, easily adapting to weather changes, providing lightweight, portable warmth on the go.

Outdoor wear

Waterproof, Moisture-Wicking, Functional

Bridging urban and outdoor styles, venture into the wilderness and explore the joys of the outdoors.

Face mask

Breathable, Washable

Our specially developed functional fabric with an n-PTFE membrane inside the ES high-tech fabric mask effectively filters pollen, dust mites, dust, bacteria, PM2.5, smoke odor, viruses. It's washable and can be reused over 10 times, promoting environmental sustainability.


Customization Service

Combining Everest's diverse fabric options and complete production processes to customize uniforms, team apparel, and medical-grade isolation and protective clothing based on your specific needs.

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