Business Philosophy

Everest's mission is to "contribute to society and change the world", with Creating Shared Value (CSV) as its value proposition, to build a sustainable and conscious enterprise that creates win-wins for employees, customers, suppliers, shareholders, society, and the environment.

The core values of the enterprise start from kindness and altruism, based on the four forces of Creativity, Sustainability, Wisdom, and Refinement, and with the "Everester spirit" of surpassing the limit, challenging oneself, and achieving the mission must meet the future, make contributions to the world, achieve Triple surplus of economy, environment and society.

Based on this, Everest is committed to becoming an ecological leader and a sustainable and conscious enterprise. Since 2007, the ESM sustainable business model has been implemented, with a sustainable green footprint, to open a new blue ocean for global textiles, and to embrace "integrity" towards others. "Altruistic" and "Grateful", combined with the industry, government, school, and R&D resources of the host country, we look forward to each other's efforts to create a symbiotic and prosperous textile ecosystem.








Core Value

Corporate values


"To innovate" and "sustainably" contribute to society, transforming the world.


As a global leader, provide innovative solutions based on sustainable principles to promote human progress.



Creating shared value with stakeholders and fulfilling corporate social responsibility.

Personal values


  • Ecological design, sustainable processes, and eco-friendly products
  • Sharing profits and growth with stakeholders
  • Achieving triple bottom-line success in the economic, social, and environmental aspects


  • Sustainable products and services that provide value
  • Leading in the world of eco-friendly businesses
  • Creating a happy enterprise that generates shared value


  • Benefiting employees and consumers
  • Making sustainability a key value indicator
  • Fulfilling corporate social responsibility