Corporate Governance

Audit Committee

The Audit Committee consists of all independent directors and convenes regular meetings at least quarterly. Its primary role is to assist the board of directors in shaping or revising the company's internal control systems and critical procedures, addressing issues related to directors' conflicts of interest, significant asset transactions, fundraising, the appointment of certifying accountants, and financial reporting, among other responsibilities.

The second-term committee members

Chuang, Ying-Chin:Date:2021.05.14
Chairman of Cheng Long Investment Company.
Director of Tainan Spinning Co., Ltd.
Director of Nantex Industry Co.,Ltd.
Director of Prince Housing & Development Corp.
Chen, Hsiu-Chung:Date:2021.05.14
Chairman of Tah Tong Textile Co., Ltd.
Director of Great Bell Printing & Dyeing Co., Ltd.
Independent Director of Yi Jinn Industrial Co., Ltd.

Chen, Jen-Fa:Date:2021.05.14
Chairman of Chyang Sheng Dyeing & Finishing Co., Ltd.
Chairman of Progiant Construction & Development Corp.

Audit Committee

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2022.12.30 獨立董事與內部稽核主管及會計師之單獨溝通情形
2019.05.09 審計委員會組織規程