Company Bylaws and Regulations

The company's risk management operations and the Corporate Risk Management Policy, established on Nov. 8, 2022, were presented to the board with the following key implementation highlights:

  • Risk Warning System: Each administrative unit regularly monitors and reviews company risk items on a monthly basis. Abnormal items are identified through risk indicator management, and measures for dealing with, improving, and optimizing abnormal items are taken. Key tasks for the current year (2022) include:

    • Planning financing measures to address interest rate hikes and reduce capital costs.
    • Leveraging group synergies to coordinate contract price reductions in response to changes in the shipping market.
    • Strengthening information security management and actively promoting digitalization projects.
    • Promoting ESG-related activities such as greenhouse gas reduction and assessments.
  • Risk Inspection Projects: The company conducts a regular risk inspection project for its plant areas every three years. In the current fiscal year (2022), the third inspection project was officially launched in March. It covers 13 major risk aspects in six plants and is executed by the external consulting team from Marsh. Currently, it has been found that some of the main areas that need strengthening in certain plant areas include:

    • Incomplete fire protection measures.
    • Reliability of fire zones.
    • Environmental management around electrical equipment.
    • Enhancement measures for solar panel risk prevention.
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