Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance Operations

In Apr. 28, 2021, the Board established a Corporate Governance Officer responsible for legal compliance, board and shareholder meetings, director support, and ensuring adherence to laws and regulations.

Responsibilities and Execution of Corporate Governance Operations

    Integrity in operations and legal compliance

  • Enforcing anti-corruption policies, educating new employees, and maintaining a reporting system to address integrity violations.
  • Assisting directors in legal compliance and ongoing education.

    Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

  • Advocating energy efficiency, carbon reduction, and sustainable water and waste management policies.
  • Hosting various charitable sponsorship events.
  • Publishing a CSR report that transparently discloses concrete actions and outcomes in fulfilling corporate social responsibility.
  • The company has a dedicated CSR role authorized by the Board of Directors, reported on November 8, 2022. The 'ESM Global Initiative,' based in the CEO's office, collaborates across departments and with external advisors. This unit regularly reports CSR achievements to senior management, making CSR an integral part of the company's core values.

    Meeting proceedings

  • Planning significant meetings, including shareholder meetings, board meetings, audit committee meetings, and compensation committee matters.
  • Providing relevant meeting materials to the board 7 days prior and preparing meeting minutes."
  • Providing directors with necessary information for business execution.

    Public Information

  • Real-time disclosure of significant updates and financial operational information.
  • Maintaining and updating all disclosure content on the company website.
  • Engaging with stakeholders through corporate briefings and press releases to communicate important information.

Intellectual Property Management 

The company aims to protect and manage intellectual property rights to preserve innovative research and development outcomes for long-term competitiveness.The intellectual property management operations for the fiscal year 2022 were reported to the board on Nov. 8, 2022, as follows:   

 Intellectual Property Management Achievements 

To protect the company's intellectual property and confidential information, we enforce intellectual property management. This includes having advanced and R&D personnel sign confidentiality agreements, intellectual property ownership agreements, and IT device/software consent forms. Annual education and training are conducted to reinforce employee awareness of safeguarding the company's intellectual property.

In response to potential intellectual property disputes arising from business competition, a dedicated task force has been formed to develop response strategies and handling mechanisms.

The company partners with international giants and marine environmental organizations on the 'Ocean Recycling Yarn' project, converting marine plastic waste into high-value fibers for eco-friendly fabric production.

The company leverages existing expertise in PU synthesis to develop environmentally friendly bio-based waterstops. By combining impermeable materials with bio-based monomers, we have successfully developed eco-friendly bio-based waterstops with 25% bio-based content.

To strengthen intellectual property management and ensure long-term competitiveness, key initiatives in 2023 include reviewing and enhancing measures for confidential information control, updating intellectual property management regulations, and refining procedures for handling disputes.

Alongside new employee training, there will be intensified education and training for existing staff on intellectual property protection, contract terms, and knowledge to raise awareness and enhance intellectual property protection.

Professional Development of Corporate Governance Officer:

Training Dates Organizer Course Title Training Hours
Feb. 22, 2023 Taiwan Stock Exchange (TWSE) Sustainability Development Action Plan Promotion Seminar for Listed Companies 3 Hours
Jun. 2, 2023 Securities and Futures Institute (SFI) Insider Trading Prevention Awareness Seminar for the Year 112. 3 Hours
Jul. 11, 2023 Taiwan Academy of Banking and Finance (TABF) Corporate Governance Lecture - Today and Tomorrow of Industrial AI - The Impact of Chat GPT and Corporate Responses 3 Hours
Oct. 13, 2023 Securities and Futures Institute (SFI) Insider Trading Prevention Awareness Seminar for the Year 112. 3 Hours
Date Content File Download
2022.12.30 Concrete Implementation Plan and Effectiveness of CSR Initiatives.
2022.12.30 Everest Information Security Management Framework and Disclosure of Security Policies
2022 Sustainable Business Development Organizational Chart