Integrity in Business Management

Everest understands that if a company operates using corrupt and unethical means, it can lead to damage to its reputation and cause losses to various stakeholders, including the community.
為To mitigate corruption risks, Everest has established conflict of interest provisions in the ''Board Meeting Rules'' and practices the principles of ''Integrity, Teamwork, Perseverance, and Innovation.'' The company adheres to the ''Code of Conduct,'' ''Code of Ethical Conduct,'' and other guidelines, coupled with appropriate compensation systems, comprehensive internal controls, and operational procedures. Internal audit operations are in place for effective oversight.
Everest provides various reporting channels for stakeholders to report corrupt activities. An independent investigation mechanism is in place. Recent audits on ''Board Meeting Management'' and ''Compensation Committee Operations'' verified compliance with conflict of interest management regulations.

Everest Corporation has established multiple reporting channels, such as the Audit Committee and Internal Audit Department mailboxes, for stakeholders to report corrupt or unlawful activities. An independent investigation mechanism is in place. In 2022, audits on 'Board Meeting Management' and 'Compensation Committee Operations' verified compliance with regulations on conflict of interest management in the board and the proper functioning of the compensation committee.

To strengthen the development and oversight of the Integrity Operation Policy and Prevention Plan, the Corporate Governance Officer and Human Resources Department, under the Board of Directors, actively drive the implementation of corporate integrity operations. They are responsible for formulating and overseeing the execution of the Integrity Operation Policy and Prevention Plan, reporting annually to the Board of Directors (as of Nov. 8, 111).

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    Performance of Integrity Management

  • The company has a ''Code of Conduct'' outlining behavioral norms for directors, executives, and employees. The integrity operation policy is disclosed on the company's website.
  • The company and subsidiaries have implemented a program to prevent dishonest behavior, covering the following:

    • Criteria for identifying improper benefits provision or acceptance.
    • Procedures for legal political contributions.
    • Procedures and standards for legitimate charitable donations or sponsorships.
    • Rules to prevent conflicts of interest related to duties, including reporting and handling procedures.
    • Confidentiality rules for business-acquired secrets and commercially sensitive information.
    • Standards and procedures for addressing dishonest behavior from suppliers, customers, and business partners.
    • Procedures for handling violations of the corporate code of conduct.
    • Disciplinary actions taken against violators.
  • Our ''Code of Conduct'' explicitly prohibits personnel from engaging in any form of improper benefits, dishonest, unlawful, or behavior contrary to entrusted obligations during commercial activities. The code provides clear operational procedures, behavioral guidelines, disciplinary measures, and a complaint mechanism.
  • Integrity Operation Performance in the Year 111: Reported to the Board of Directors on [Report Date], Meeting Name, and Agenda:

    • Mar. 3, 111 - Report on Legal Compliance Execution for the Fourth Quarter of the Fiscal Year 110 at the 12th term 5th Meeting of the Board of Directors.
    • May. 6, 111 - Report on Legal Compliance Execution for the First Quarter of the Fiscal Year 111 at the 12th term 6th Meeting of the Board of Directors.
    • Aug. 11, 111 - Report on Legal Compliance Execution for the Second Quarter of the Fiscal Year 111 at the 12th term 7th Meeting of the Board of Directors.
    • Nov. 8, 111 - Report on Legal Compliance Execution for the Third Quarter of the Fiscal Year 111 at the 12th term 8th Meeting of the of the Board of Directors.

    Conducting Educational Outreach

  • Course Content: Education and Promotion on Corporate Integrity Management (including prohibition of insider trading)
  • Implementation Time: Regular quarterly sessions in 2022 and training for new employees.
  • Participants: Employees of the company.
  • Number of Participants: A total of 1538 individuals.
  • Total Training Hours: 1922.5 hours.
  • The company advises directors not to trade stocks during the closed periods, 30 days before the annual financial report announcement and 15 days before each quarterly financial report announcement.
  • The company notifies directors of the meeting dates for the 4 board meetings in 2022 and the closed periods before the announcement of each quarterly financial report to avoid any inadvertent violation of the regulation.

    The company develops policies and procedures in compliance with relevant regulations and international human rights conventions.

    The company is committed to upholding human rights, aligning with international principles such as the, International Labor Office Tripartite Declaration of Principles Concerning Multinational Enterprises and Social Policy, the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises, the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and the UN Global Compact. It complies with local labor and gender equality laws, formulating a human rights and labor policy.
    To ensure employee human rights protection, new employee training includes 2 to 4 hours of courses on human rights and labor laws, with regular reviews of employee codes and corporate values. Monthly reviews of overtime and working hours reports are conducted, and any anomalies are investigated by the headquarters. Quarterly compliance checks are performed to ensure adherence to human rights norms, with investigations and improvements in case of violations. Educational training is provided to human rights responsible managers at each production site, and they sign the human rights policy to affirm the commitment to safeguarding human rights.

    The whistleblower and handling process of our company is outlined as follows:

  • The company must promptly instruct the reported individual to cease the reported actions and take suitable measures according to the law or internal policies.
  • The company strictly prohibits misconduct in its operations. Personnel engaging in activities for personal gain, causing company losses, will be terminated and required to compensate the company for all losses incurred.
  • Documentation and records related to reports, investigations, and outcomes will be preserved for five years, with the option of electronic storage. If legal proceedings arise within this period, the information will be maintained until the conclusion of the litigation.
  • Upon verification of a substantiated report, relevant departments will be instructed to review internal controls and procedures and propose measures to prevent similar incidents in the future.

Reporting Channels


Date Content File Download
2020.03.19 Code of Business Integrity
2020.03.19 Code of Ethics
2022.12.30 Group Agreement
2022.12.30 Employee-related welfare measures and implementation status
2022.12.30 Work Environment and Measures for Employee Personal Safety Protection
2022.12.30 Violation of Ethical Behavior and Integrity Operation, Whistle blowing, and Disciplinary Measures